Trade Compliance Round Up – Hot Topics & Digest
When: May 16, 2019, 2PM EDT


Trade compliance is rapidly changing.  With many nuances, exceptions, and changes, it can be challenging to keep pace with customs compliance, tariffs, sanctions and more.  
Our webinar has the answers you need in a quick digest, interactive format.
Join us as we cover some of the hottest topics in compliance and the best practices to manage change.  

Topics include:

  • Tariffs and Trade Policy: Where are we now
  • Sanctions Changes:  What’s new what’s changed
  • The OFAC 50/50 Rule: The hot topic in compliance
  • ACAS: Mandatory compliance begins on June 12th – What you need to know
  • The Global Perspective: The larger picture of security filing trends worldwide
  • Technology: Leveraging solutions to enable compliance


  • Beth Pride, President, BPE Global
  • Melissa Harrington, Sales Director, Content Business, Descartes
  • Hayes Howard, Moderator, American Shipper
Available On-Demand:
Trade Compliance Round Up – Hot Topics & Digest
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