USMCA: What’s In It, How It Will Affect US Manufacturing, and What’s Next
When: April 25, 2019, 2PM EDT

How will the “new NAFTA”, the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) affect the automotive and manufacturing industry in the US?  This North American trade deal still has a long way to go before enacted, but companies are taking action now to benefit. 

During this webinar, our subject matter experts will talk about some of the important changes in the new deal that are tailored for manufacturers, including:

  • Exemptions from unilateral auto tariffs
  • An increase in the amount of North American content required in vehicles 
  • Additional workers’ rights protection language
  • Rules to cover the exchange of goods by electronic means 
  • Lower tariff preference levels for apparel and waiver of merchandise processing fee on textile and apparel goods imports between USMCA partners
  • Switch from exporter- to importer-based origin certification process

The webinar will also address how to leverage technology to take advantage of the free trade opportunities while remaining compliant with the regulations, and avoiding a negative audit. Additionally, the presenters will discuss how Amber Road’s Trade Agreements solution enables companies to centralize and automate their USMCA (and other trade agreements) processes. We will leave time at the conclusion of the webcast for the audience to ask questions.


  • Brian Bradley, Associate Editor, American Shipper 
  • Phani Reddy, Director, Trade Agreement Management Solutions, Amber Road 
  • Suzanne Richer, Director, Global Trade Advisory Services, Amber Road
Available On-Demand:
USMCA: What’s In It, How It Will Affect US Manufacturing, and What’s Next
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